The NSA’s leaked Windows hack caused more damage than just WannaCry

When the ShadowBrokers first published the code for EternalBlue — an NSA exploit targeting Windows’ file-sharing protocol — researchers knew it was a bad bug. But most had no idea of the scale of the damage that would be caused by the vulnerability.
Much of that damage has only become visible in recent days, as a ransomware program dubbed “WannaCry” locked up computers from the UK’s National Health Service to the Russian Ministry of the Interior. Some of the damage caused by EternalBlue was harder to spot, caused by more discreet malware designed to infect and monetize computers without leaving a trace. As researchers look for clues as to WannaCry’s origins, more of those programs are coming to light, and giving us more information about the sheer scale of the damage caused by Eternal Blue. [Read more here...]


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